Part 9 – Design

This section of the manual will give you an overview of the "Public" side of AutoBoss. The Public side of AutoBoss is the group of pages that you website visitors will see and interact with.

The Public side of AutoBoss, and the AutoBoss Administrator Control Panel are fully responsive, meaning the interfaces will adapt to any screen size so that they are as easy to use on mobile devices as they are on tablets and desktops.

Listings and Search Results (listings.php)

By default, the Listings and Search Results page is the first page your website visitors will see when browsing the inventory on your website.

The Listings and Search Results page is comprised of two main components. The listings themselves, and an integrated search form. On desktops, or any screen larger than 768px, the search form will be displayed on the left side of the page. On screens 768px or smaller the search form is hidden by default and can be accessed by tapping the "Filter Search Results" button above the listings.

Listing Details (details.php)

The Listing Details page provides your website visitors with a full view of a particular piece of inventory as well as any associated images and video. The Listing Details page also includes print and social sharing shortcuts as well as an embedded contact form.

Printable Listing Details (print.php)

The Printable Listing Details page, as the name implies, is a version of the Listing Details page formatted specifically for printing.