Part 2 – Upgrades

We have designed Grape with a fairly automated upgrade process.

1. Backup

Before starting the upgrade process it is critical that you make a full backup of your existing Grape installation as well as the database you're using for Grape.

2. Downloading Grape

Download the latest version of Grape from the customers area. Once the download has completed, unzip the archive.

3. Uploading Grape

Upload the /admin/ directory to your web server using your FTP client, overwriting the existing files. The upload may take a few minutes to complete depending on your internet connection.

Note: If you are upgrading to version 3.9 you will need to edit the include.config.php file and add the following lines. Replace the default values with your website's information.

defined('__protocol') or define('__protocol', 'http://');
defined('__domain') or define('__domain', '');
defined('__path') or define('__path', '/path/to/grape/');

4. Upgrading Grape

Depending on the changes made to Grape between the version you are currently running and the version you are upgrading to, Grape may need to make changes to the database table structure, or update information contained in the database tables.

To complete the upgrade process direct your browser to the /admin/ directory on your website (e.g., The upgrade functions will execute automatically.

5. Finalizing the Upgrade

To update the public pages included with Grape it is recommended that you transfer any custom code from your old files, to the new files.